The crew of Soyuz MS-24 docked to the ISS

(ORDO NEWS) -- Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut docked at the International Space

Exploring the effects of weightlessness: Expedition 69 crew conducts biotechnology research on ISS

(ORDO NEWS) -- On Wednesday, the Expedition 69 crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS)

NASA will build a spacecraft to de-orbit the ISS

(ORDO NEWS) -- NASA's new budget of $180 million is earmarked for the design of

NASA is going to create a spacecraft that will destroy the ISS in 2030

(ORDO NEWS) -- NASA plans to design and build a space tug capable of launching

ISS almost collides with Satellogic satellite

(ORDO NEWS) -- The International Space Station (ISS) was forced to maneuver to avoid a

A giant UFO appears near the ISS, and NASA immediately cuts off the live feed

(ORDO NEWS) -- The cigar-shaped UFO was moving forward while the ISS camera was pointing

ISS move over: Factory images of segments of future commercial space station published

(ORDO NEWS) -- Space startup Axiom Space has made significant progress towards building its fully

SpaceX’s CRS-26 mission launched to the ISS

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX's CRS-26 mission was launched to the ISS on Saturday by a

Is there gravity in space, or why does the ISS crew “float” all the time?

(ORDO NEWS) -- Many people are convinced that the astronauts (cosmonauts) on board the International

Why is China banned from flying to the ISS?

(ORDO NEWS) -- If you look at the photographs of every crew on the International

During the flight to the ISS, the Cygnus spacecraft broke down

(ORDO NEWS) -- On Monday morning (November 7), the Antares launch vehicle launched the Northrop