Creepy clowns in a van terrorize British children

(ORDO NEWS) — Authorities in England are sounding the alarm over a particularly disturbing series of creepy clown encounters in which ghostly harlequins are said to have offered children a ride in their white van.

According to local media reports, the nightmarish encounters took place last week in the Woolstanton community.

Teenagers on their way to school say a mysterious white van stopped in their path and sent chills down their spines when it was revealed that the driver of the car was actually a clown.

Even more eerie, if at all possible, was the harlequin at the wheel, who asked the children if they needed a lift, which they prudently declined.

In a letter to parents warning them of clowns roaming their area, school officials noted that children were understandably “upset and frightened” by the incidents.

It is not known how many people may be behind this strange terror, since eyewitnesses reported that several people could have been in the van, which is quite in line with what one would expect from the notorious clown car.

Police say they will be patrolling the area heavily and are asking residents to keep an eye on the suspicious van in the hope someone can spot its license plate.


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