Couple with three children turned out to be brother and sister

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the United States, married for ten years and raising three children, Selina and Joseph Quiñones found out that they are second cousins. They shared their story with People.

The couple got married in 2006, their families often met during preparations for the wedding, but no one suspected that they were already related to each other.

As Selina said, the story of her relationship with her husband began to be revealed only ten years after the wedding, when they decided to order DNA tests to find out more about their genealogy.

When the results came in, the woman checked her family tree for DNA, and her husband’s name appeared there.

She admits that at first she was shocked and wondered if it was worth continuing the relationship, but then decided that they already had three healthy children and should not let blood come between them.

The couple do not know exactly what kind of relationship they are, but Selina claims that their great-grandfather and great-grandmother could be brother and sister.

However, they still love each other and intend to continue to live together, despite the unexpected discovery.


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