Woman filming TikTok video narrowly escapes massive landslide in Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) — A wild video from Alaska captures the moment a woman was forced to flee as a massive landslide suddenly hit and a veritable sea of ​​debris rushed straight towards her.

The horrific moment reportedly happened over the weekend when TikTok user “thedirtyexplorer” was filming a video on a beach in Juneau.

While interacting with her online audience, she noticed an ominous sound coming from above and quickly recognized it as the start of the collapse. Capturing the nightmarish experience on video, the woman keeps the camera on as she runs along the beach to get out of the way of the debris.

There is a brief moment of silence and she seems to suspect that the disturbing event is over, however this is soon followed by a nightmarish roar from the cliff above her as a second, even more impressive wave of collapse begins to unfold.

To her credit, a frightened woman, running away from the scene, sees an oncoming car and convulsively asks the driver to stop the car.

Getting out of the car, the grateful and shocked driver is surprised that he was only 30 seconds away from “death” if the woman had not warned him of the danger on the road.

Shortly after the collapse ended, “thedirtyexplorer” revisited the site where it occurred, and showed a number of huge boulders and fallen trees that were scattered throughout the area.


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