Mysterious spiral appeared in the sky over Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) -- Residents of Alaska can see more than just the aurora borealis. They

Wreckage of an old American satellite fell on Sunday off the coast of Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) -- The wreckage of the Earth Radiation Budget Satellite scientific satellite fell off

Geologists: Chukotka and Alaska connected with each other only 35.7 thousand years ago

(ORDO NEWS) -- A European-American team of geologists has found natural evidence of mis-dating that

US military shot down a “high-rise object” over Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) -- The US military shot down a "high-rise object" over the state of

A volcano that has been dormant for 900 years is waking up in Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Alaska, scientists are disturbed by the area under Mount Edgecom .

A landslide in Alaska can cause a giant tsunami

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists do not stop warning that the scale of the cataclysm is

Magma rises rapidly under dormant Mount Edgecumb volcano in Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) -- Magma beneath the long-dormant Mount Edgecumb volcano in southeast Alaska is moving

Ancient inhabitants of Alaska lured salmon into a stone trap

(ORDO NEWS) -- In an underwater cave at a depth of just over 50 meters,

Scientists have named the cause of the mass death of crabs in Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) -- The sharp decline in the population of snow crabs (also known as

A catastrophe is brewing in Alaska’s newly formed lakes, and scientists are concerned

(ORDO NEWS) -- Lakes appearing in Alaska due to melting permafrost are "releasing" methane into