A volcano that has been dormant for 900 years is waking up in Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) — In Alaska, scientists are disturbed by the area under Mount Edgecom . With the help of the Alaska Volcano Observatory, they discovered signs of volcanic activity beneath it. Experts note that the magma has already risen to 10,000 meters.

Mount Edgecomb is located on Krusof Island in the western part of Sitka Sound, Alaska, USA. This volcano went extinct about 800-900 years ago. Activity in this area was noticed quite recently, in 2022.

This volcano is now closely monitored. Scientists say that the magma level has risen by 9.6 km in just a few days.

This magma moves up through the Earth‘s crust from a depth of just over 19 km. In fact, she has already covered half of the way.

For observations of volcanic activity, the latest method was used, which was specially developed for Alaska. Previously, such a study took months of work, but today it only takes a couple of weeks.

Receiving data from the satellite, scientists built a mathematical model. Information about earthquakes in this state and about surface deformations was also taken into account.

Ronnie Gralentin, professor of geodesy at the University of Alaska in Ferbesk, notes that such processes often occur in this state.

But the activity in the Edgecom area is extremely unusual, since we are talking about a dormant volcano . At most, it has been dormant for the past 900 years.

The first series of earthquakes in this area was recorded in April 2022. Since then, deformation of the soil and other changes indicating volcanic activity have been recorded here from time to time.

The magma can reach the upper chamber through the vertical channel, but cannot go outside. The thing is that in the upper chamber there is a thick layer of magma that accumulated here earlier.

But it is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of events.


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