A group of children smelled a ‘terrible smell’ in the forest and encountered Bigfoot

(ORDO NEWS) — The Bigfoot Research Organization has collected more than a dozen sightings of this cryptid in Mendocino County, where a group of children allegedly came face to face with it.

A group of children followed a “terrible smell” that resembled a mixture of “rotting deer carcass and skunk” and found themselves “face to face with Bigfoot” while camping in California.

The group stayed overnight at the Cooks Valley Campground in the community of Piercy (Mendosino County, California) surrounded by huge redwoods and dense forest.

Supposedly, the children were playing in the on-site playground when they smelled an intoxicating scent that led to the eight-foot-tall beast.

The sighting of the mythical beast in 1963 was classified as a Class “A” sighting by the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, which conducts observations in the United States.

Class A Bigfoot sightings meant they were clearly visible and confirmed. This incident was reported to the organization in 1999 by a witness with the initials “VE”.

The website MendoFever, which publishes articles about the country of Mendocino, published an article that describes the situation when the children were a few steps away from Bigfoot.

The website says: “The children suddenly smelled a terrible smell – a disgusting mixture of rotting deer and skunk carcasses.

The team followed the stink with their eyes and found themselves face to face with the legendary Bigfoot.”

“The creature was eight feet tall and covered in brown hair from head to toe.

The children caught a savage who was watching them play, standing at the base of a sequoia.”

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization has collected more than a dozen Bigfoot sightings in Mendocino County. One of which ended with the beast allegedly killing three people on a marijuana farm in Mendocino.

But for some reason, the mysterious cryptid decided not to touch the children?

“Children studied Bigfoot. The creature held on tightly to the trees. Most of the children in those parts were told stories about Bigfoot.

It was not a bedtime story,” writes MendoFever.

“And then Sasquatch just turned around and walked off into the dark redwood forest.”

Several children corroborated the story, including the terrible smell and the ape-like man who was staring at them.


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