Coronavirus mutates: scientists have discovered several varieties of the strain

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Studies by scientists in different parts of the world have disappointing results. According to recent data, three types of COVID-19 are now actively distributed: strains A, B and C.

Not much time has passed since the start of the epidemic, while the virus successfully mutated several dozen times. Past research suggests a minimum of 50 mutations.

The very first type of virus is A. It was it that bats carried, which subsequently infected humans. It is interesting that Type B turned out to be the most common; it was they who suffered from the predominant part of the residents of Wuhan. Group B coronavirus “captured” all of Asia, and then Italy.

Strain And now it is ruining the economy in the USA, Spain and Australia. South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore are faced with type C, which resulted from mutations of strain B.

It is possible that in the future there will appear a type D coronavirus, which is formed from C. Virus modification occurs regularly, so you need to monitor the situation in a timely manner.


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