Chinese scientists uncovered the mystery of the alien probe Oumuamua

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In 2017, astronomers noticed a very strange object that wandered around our solar system. The body was called Oumuamua, for a long time, scientists could not say anything about the discovery.

The first study recently explained the nature of Oumuamua. It was conducted by specialists from the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to theory, an object could arise as a result of tidal forces (like those that affect the oceans of our planet).

Scientists have recognized the uniqueness of the body: it is not like any other object. That is why some seriously suggested that Oumuamua is an alien probe.

Most likely, once an object flew too close to a large body. The tidal forces of the latter tore him apart, forming Oumuamua. It was probably a star, since it was her forces that were capable of tearing bodies into elongated fragments. Preservation of the unique form of Oumuamua was made possible thanks to the cohesive crust that arose as a result of the melting of the object.

During melting, dispersion of volatiles occurs. They, as it turned out, are absorbed by the stars. This explains why Oumuamua has such an interesting color and dry surface.


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