Blood moon appeared in the sky over Italy

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The inhabitants of the Mediterranean were greatly frightened by what happened a couple of days ago at night. They witnessed a simply incredible and at the same time frightening phenomenon – the Blood Moon.

Such a phenomenon, of course, today few people can be surprised, because in the media there are constantly appearing notes about such a phenomenon. The bloody moon, according to experts, occurs in the event of a partial lunar eclipse.

At this time, the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon.

The atmosphere of our planet causes the refraction of sunlight, which gives the Earth satellite a reddish tint. But on April 12 there was no lunar eclipse, but this did not prevent the Moon from turning red.

Another reason could be forest fires. Due to the fact that a huge amount of soot and gases rises into the atmosphere, everything becomes crimson. But in Italy there are no fires or volcanic eruptions. Nothing is burning in Africa either.

Therefore, a logical question arises: what was it really?

Since Catholics celebrate Easter on April 12, according to one version, the Moon turned red due to the fact that higher powers congratulated the pope. At the same time, they allegedly hint that in the near future nothing good should be expected.

Another version was that the moon did not reflect sunlight, but the radiation of some other celestial body. This may be Nibiru or her companion, whom many paint red.

In fact, it is not clear what it was, but many are convinced that the Blood Moon does not bode well.


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