The guy saw 117 scenes from the future when lightning hit him

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The life of a very arrogant 25-year-old guy named Dannion Brinkley changed after a clinical death caused by a lightning strike. The misfortune happened in the city of Aiken (Southern California).

The guy talked at home on a landline phone with a friend during a hurricane. Suddenly, a discharge swept over the telephone wire. After an unexpected terrible pain, the American was swept by a wave of serenity. When Dannion saw his body from the side, he realized that he was dead.

Suddenly, a tunnel appeared, pictures from life began to flicker. In them, the guy insulted his peers, had fun with fights, offended his parents.

After a while, the guy ended up in a crystal city, where 30 creatures representing different emotions showed him the future.

There were 117 scenes in total, of which 95 came true. Among them – the decline in the morale of Americans, becoming president of Ronald Reagan, the crushing of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the bloody confrontations in the Persian Gulf.

Chaos caused by fear will occur on Earth. People will fight, and nature will fade away and test us with various cataclysms. Many will turn into poor. You cannot change the future, if you believe the prediction.

Today, Dannion is very successful in business, works in the government, has large incomes.


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