Coronavirus appeared in Italy in December 2019 new findings of scientists

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Italian National Institute of Health analyzed wastewater and concluded that coronavirus infection appeared in the country in December last year. Traces of the virus were found in samples collected on December 18 in Turin and Milan.

The research results may not say anything about the wave of infections, but they can help reconstruct the stages of the rapidly growing outbreak, which claimed 35 thousand lives. Wastewater analysis today is a common practice. It allows scientists to know in advance about the emerging foci of the disease and prevent an outbreak of the disease. This approach allows you to at least somehow prepare, in contrast to conventional testing.

Wastewater can also talk about how exactly the strain became so widespread and when it generally appeared in Italy. In total, experts studied 40 samples for October, November and December. If nothing was found in the fall, then in the first month of winter, scientists found coronavirus RNA in the areas of Milan and Turin.

If you follow the official information, the outbreak began on January 31, although the virus was in Italy on December 18. On February 22, the first victims appeared in the country.

Recently, the conclusions of scientists have begun to appear more and more often that the world has encountered the coronavirus much earlier. So, in China he appeared in August last year, and in France on December 27 (a person with pneumonia was admitted to a Paris hospital, but in fact he had a coronavirus). In Spain, according to recent findings, the outbreak began even earlier than in other European countries. For 40 days, the virus infected people, and only after such a long period was the first patient identified with a positive test for Covid-19.


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