A resident of the UK claims to have captured the Loch Ness monster

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Last week in a Facebook group called Anomalous Universe, a resident of the United Kingdom published a series of pictures showing a monster from Lake Loch Ness (Scotland). The pictures turned out to be so high quality that they were considered a fake.

A resident of the UK claims to have captured the Loch Ness monster 2

According to the British, this is his photographs personally: he witnessed the appearance of an eerie creature near the surface of the lake. In the pictures, the monster resembles a dinosaur (this is how many eyewitnesses described it). On the published materials, the spotted back of Nessie is visible. On some, you can observe the trace that remained after the creature was immersed in water.

It is important to note that the Anomalous Universe group is closed: it was founded by the famous American scientist Steve Patrick Carrington, who is engaged in the study of cryptids. Consequently, the pictures were published for a closed society, so there is no reason not to trust their authenticity.

The author of the photo additionally noted that the pictures themselves were taken in September and to this day he does not know what he photographed. Man table near Urquhart Castle. It is this place that researchers have long called the Nessie’s Lair, since the marine dinosaur appears here most often.

Some people noticed strange artifacts and traces of computer graphics in the photo. The most curious asked the British to send pictures precisely from the camera of the Sigma SD1 Merrill camera. Public pictures and photos from the camera had different sizes. The Brit said he used Photoshop to change the format of images (from TIFF to JPG) and compression. But even supposedly on the originals strange marks were noticed. Perhaps the images are actually made in Photoshop.


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