Cigar-shaped UFO over California captured from a passenger plane

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(ORDO NEWS) — Mysterious cigar-shaped flying object that has been spotted in various parts of the world. Eyewitnesses saw this object in various places, including California, New York and Israel.

According to reports, the object did not move in the same way as conventional aircraft or drones do. He moved quite slowly and smoothly, without making any sounds.

The passenger of the plane was frightened when he saw a cigar-shaped UFO heading towards the plane. Then the mysterious aircraft disappeared into the clouds.

Cigar shaped UFO over California captured from a passenger plane 2

Renowned ufologist Scott Waring shared footage on his YouTube channel to show what a passenger on the March 11 flight saw.

When you point the camera at the clouds, you can see a silvery rectangular spot moving at a constant speed.

Many researchers claim that it was an alien ship, but we have no evidence that this is the case.

Some scientists suggest that it could be some type of atmospheric apparatus that is used to study the Earth and its atmosphere.

However, how such an object can make no sound and move in such a strange way remains a mystery.

This is not the first time such an object has appeared in the sky. There have been similar reports in the past, and a similar object was spotted on the US-Mexico border a few years ago.

Despite numerous reports of UFOs, the scientific community does not recognize its existence and continues to investigate this phenomenon.

Such inexplicable phenomena will always attract the attention of people and arouse the interest of scientists and the public.


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