Chinese pyramids built by the “Star People”

(ORDO NEWS) — These pyramids are mentioned in extremely ancient records kept in a Buddhist monastery. The records are about 5 thousand years old, but even there the pyramids are called “very old, built under the ancient emperors, who said that they came from the sons of heaven who descended to earth on their fiery metal dragons.”

White pyramids, pointed and flat, were erected in China, the Middle Empire, long before the Egyptian tomb pyramids. Only a small part of the Chinese pyramids has been explored. Many were discovered only in the XX century, according to our planet.

It was 1945. The end of World War II was approaching in faraway Asia. A US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft surveyed the Qinling Ridge area southwest of Xi’an City. Suddenly the pilot noticed something incomprehensible under the wing: in the middle of a high-mountain valley a huge pyramid towered.


Can not be! Are pyramids not only in Egypt and Latin America?

The report, written by the pilot after landing, is still perceived as a sensation: “I flew around the mountain and reached a flat valley. Right below me lay a gigantic white pyramid, enveloped in an almost unreal, light glow. It seemed to me that it was made of metal or stone of a very special breed. I have flown over the silvery-white colossus several times. The most remarkable thing about it is the top: a large piece of metal that resembles a precious stone.”

According to American experts, the pyramid rushed into the heavens at a height of 300 m, the length of the side of its base was 490 m. For comparison: the height of the Cheops pyramid initially reached “only” 146.94 m, and the length of the base side – 230.38 m. that the most monumental pyramid in the world is in China!

China has more pyramids than Egypt. There are several hundred of them between the major cities of Xi’an and Xianyang alone. Only gradually the world learns about the innumerable archaeological treasures of the Celestial Empire. Even in China itself, few people know about the existence of the pyramids, since they are located in restricted military zones or hard-to-reach places.

In 1991, many pyramids were discovered near the city of Xi’an while searching for a location for a new airfield. These tombs rise up 40 meters above the surrounding fields. Like many of the pyramids in Central America, they do not end with a sharp top, but a flat area. Pyramids in the Xianyang region even reach a height of 50 m. Often they are located in groups of 4-5 structures. Since no excavations have been carried out until now, one can only guess that large cavities are hidden in their depths. This is indicated, for example, by carved terraces. Some of the pyramids were built during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).


They became the tombs for the founder of the dynasty, Emperor Liu Bang, and eleven subsequent rulers of the Han. The two pyramids were created during the Zhou dynasty (1027-256 / 249 BC). Even older is the pyramid of Emperor Shao-Khao, a descendant of the legendary Huang-di (“Yellow Emperor”), who ruled the Middle Empire around 2600 BC. e. Near the city of Qufu (Shandong province), in the middle of a vast park, a pyramidal stone structure 18 m high and 28 m wide with a flat top sparkles. This symbolic tomb is crowned with a small temple-tower, inside which the emperor Shao-Khao sits like a pharaoh, who considered himself, like the Egyptian rulers, the son of the gods.

Archaeologist Professor Wang Shipin found that one of the pyramids discovered 30 km from the city of Xi’an, in the restricted military zone, is located at the geometric focus of all parts of the world. It turns out that unknown builders had deep knowledge about the spherical shape of the Earth and the distribution of land masses. Professor Wang also shares the view that the pyramids are star-oriented. If so, then their location is consistent with the ancient teachings of feng shui, sacred geomancy. Perhaps the pyramids of Egypt, the stone monuments of Northern Europe and Greece were built according to the same principles. If these relationships are confirmed, great discoveries await us regarding the knowledge of ancient peoples.

Was there an exchange of ideas and values ​​between ancient cultures? Qufu, the name of the capital of the Shao-Khao empire, is consonant with one of the variants of the name of Pharaoh Cheops – Khufu. It is also possible that already 2000 years ago the Great Silk Road with a length of 6500 km connected the Han state with the Roman Empire, which bought silk in exchange for gold and glass. In any case, such contacts do not seem incredible at all. But the final proof of this fact is the task of future research.

As we have already said, for the first time about the Chinese pyramids in the West, it became widely known back in 1947, when they were accidentally discovered by American pilots flying over the area. Several pictures were taken, they were placed in newspapers, then a similar photograph appeared in 1957 in Life magazine …

And then scientists tried to forget about the giant structures, which are more appropriate to be located somewhere in Egypt or Central America. But, naturally, not everyone forgot. There is a category of eccentrics who do not feed with bread, but let me unearth some unknown secret of history. They are absolutely convinced that in our past everything was far from what they write about it in textbooks.

And these beliefs are based not on someone’s idle speculation or on their own imagination that knows no boundaries, but on numerous artifacts of antiquity, stubbornly refusing to fit into the generally accepted concept of the historical development of mankind. The German researcher Hartwig Hausdorff, who is persistently engaged in the search for traces of ancient legendary civilizations such as Atlantis or Mu, by publishing evidence of alien visits to Earth and other similar “doubtful” things, belongs to this category of people. You can treat the activities of people like Hausdorff as you like, but it was he who in 1994 managed to penetrate into a closed area of ​​Shaanxi province and make a photo reportage there about the pyramids, which have not been studied by historians at all. It is clear that these structures are absolutely not characteristic of the known periods in the history of Chinese culture, stretching for millennia. The age of the pyramids is unknown, and the locals, naturally, cannot tell anything intelligible about this.


True, Hausdorff managed to find the diaries of two Australian merchants who climbed into Shaanxi in 1912. Then they happened to meet an old Buddhist monk, who reported that these pyramids were mentioned in extremely ancient records kept in his monastery. The records are about 5 thousand years old, but even there the pyramids are called “very old, built under the ancient emperors, who said that they descended from the sons of heaven who descended to earth on their fiery metal dragons” …

The slopes of some pyramids are planted with small coniferous trees. There is an opinion that for many years the Chinese have been disguising these structures as natural hills, planting them with fast-growing shrubs and trees. Oddly enough, Chinese archaeologists do not open these pyramids and do not conduct any research.

For some reason, the Chinese government categorically forbade researchers from other countries to touch these places. US writer George Hunt Williamson, through his links with the US Air Force, obtained a photocopy of a topographic map of Xi’an. The map was made on the basis of photographs received from satellites. And not far from the city of Xi’an, the location of sixteen pyramids was indicated. New Zealand aviator Bruce Kagi tracked down Schroder’s diaries and article written in 1912 in 1963. Fred Mayer Schroder was a trader from Australia and led caravans from the Great Wall of China inland. Once he was driving along the Mongol-Chinese border with the Mongolian spiritual guru Bogdykhan, and he said: “We will pass the pyramids. There are seven of them, and they are located near the ancient capital of China Xian Fu (on the modern map it is Xian). ”

“After several days of tiring driving, we suddenly noticed something towering on the horizon. At first glance it looked like a mountain, but when we drove closer we saw that it was a structure with four correctly beveled edges and a flat top. ”

Schroder felt a respectful surprise at the most magnificent creation of human hands that he had seen in his life. He was shocked by the thought that the people who possessed the knowledge that allowed them to plan and build such a structure have now completely disappeared from the face of the earth.

“We approached them from the east, writes Schroder, and saw that there were three giants in the northern group, and the rest of the pyramids gradually decreased in size to the smallest in the south. They stretched six or eight miles across the plain, towering over the cultivated land and villages. They were under the noses of people and remained completely unknown to the Western world. The Great Pyramid was about a thousand feet in height (about three hundred meters, that is, almost twice as high as the pyramid of Cheops) and almost fifteen hundred feet at the base of 500 meters, that is, twice as much the Pyramid of Cheops). The four sides of the Chinese pyramid were strictly oriented according to the compass points. Each face of the pyramid was a different color: black meant north, green-blue east, red south, and white west. The flat top of the pyramid was covered with yellow earth.

Once on the edges of the pyramid there were steps leading to the top, but now they were littered with debris falling from above. Below, there were rough-hewn wild stone steps (each stone approximately three feet square).

The pyramid itself, like most of the buildings in China, was adobe. Huge troughs the size of mountain canyons ran along its walls. They, too, were covered with stones. Trees and bushes grew on the slopes, smoothing out the outlines of the pyramid and giving it a resemblance to a natural object. This magnificent sight took my breath away.

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We drove around the pyramids in search of an entrance, but found nothing. ” When Schroder asked Bogdykhan about the age of the pyramids, he said that they were more than five thousand years old. When asked why he thinks so, Bogdykhan replied: “In our oldest books, written five thousand years ago, these pyramids are mentioned as ancient.”

Schroder was one of the very few Europeans who were lucky enough to see the Shanxi pyramid complex, and it remains to be hoped that the Chinese authorities will remove the veil of secrecy in the future and allow outsiders here.

“The main thing that interested me, writes the American researcher Vance Tied, is the geographic coordinates of the Chinese pyramids. Xi’an is located at 34 degrees north latitude. The layout of the Chinese pyramids is very similar to the Egyptian. This suggests that the same ancient builders who belonged to the same civilization had a hand in their construction. I vaguely guessed that each of the pyramids had a specific function and that there was some geometric correspondence between the pairs of pyramids from different parts of the world.

If the Egyptian complex is at 30 degrees north latitude, then the Chinese complex is at 34 degrees. I think that one day many different relationships between the coordinates of the Giza and Chansey Plains will be calculated, Williamson pointed out in a letter to Tied that the Chancy pyramid, indicated by number four on the map, was in all likelihood the same structure that was photographed in 1947. “According to my preliminary calculations, V. Tied further writes, there could have been a connection between it and the great pyramid of Cheops, since both are based on the number 16944. The computer pointed to pyramid 6 as the most interesting in the group.

The distance in a circle drawn between pyramid No. 6 in Shanxi and the Great Egyptian one turned out to be 3849 degrees 5333 minutes of arc magnitude or nautical miles (plus or minus one hundred feet). This is equal to 64.15888 degrees. This number, squared twice, is 16944430 harmonic mass equivalent.


The distance between pyramids NN 4, 5 and 6 in Shanxi and the Great Egyptian pyramid, calculated in degrees of arc magnitude, gives the same number. These initial results indicate that the harmonic equivalent of the mass associated with the center of the light field has some connection with the location of pyramid complexes around the world. As a result of various mathematical combinations, the number 16944430 invariably pops up.


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