Dogs were able to quickly memorize new words

(ORDO NEWS) — To do this, as scientists from Hungary found out, four-legged friends only need to repeat a new word four times. True, we are talking only about truly gifted individuals.

The article was published in Scientific Reports. It is believed that quickly memorizing the names of many objects is a human prerogative. To investigate the extent to which dogs are capable of such rapid memory of words, scientists from the University of Eötvös Lorand (Hungary) conducted an experiment in which two gifted dogs participated (their cognitive abilities were proved by other, previously conducted studies): the first – the border collie, the second – Yorkshire Terrier.

Scientists tested animals for memorizing new words, which they repeated while playing with this or that toy: the dog had to remember the name of the object with which it was playing. It would seem that she had little chance, because scientists repeated the new words only four times. But both dogs did an excellent job. Scientists note that children at the age of two to three years memorize new words at about the same speed.

True, this was only the first part of the experiment. The second involved 20 other “human friends” who, according to the test results, did not show such a high level of intellectual ability as the two dogs from the first part of the study. As a result, none of the 20 dogs demonstrated memorization of new words, which the scientists, again, repeated four times.

Alas, in the first two animals, the memory for new words was short-lived. A couple of minutes after the experiment, they still knew the names of the toys, and after 10 minutes or an hour they could no longer remember the name of most of the previously seen objects.


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