China and the US predicted devastating disasters soon

(ORDO NEWS) — The new, recently released on the web, video with predictions for July caused a huge stir. The fact is that it portends a huge catastrophe. Representatives of the Farsight Press team uploaded a video, which is engaged in “remote viewing”.

In accordance with the description, it will happen on some dam or dam that is located in the mountains. The water escaping as a result of the breakthrough will be a dull yellow color with a large admixture of clay and will flow directly onto the city.

The description of the prediction may well fit the Three Gorges hydroelectric station in China.

They say that there the situation is getting worse every day, and the authorities sent rescue services to the site of a possible disaster.

In the forecast of sensitives that specialize in remote viewing, this is not the only disaster. In their opinion, the incident in China will be only the beginning of a number of other events that they could see.

Following the destruction of the dam, disaster awaits US residents. They predicted a terrible earthquake on the West Coast.

Further, humanity will suffer from geological disasters, new epidemics, world war.

There are no disputing or corroborating facts to these forecasts. The strange thing is that in Ladakh, where the conflict is now unfolding on the border with India, the Chinese leadership began to return its troops from there.

It can be assumed that the Chinese government is aware of information about some event that has already happened or may happen soon. Perhaps Beijing does not want to start a war when there is a threat of drowning of 400 million people.

A suspicious event occurred in the United States – the deployment that began in the border area with India, which took a lot of money, was suddenly stopped.


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