Coronavirus expert says we will wear masks for several more years

(ORDO NEWS) — Although the outbreak of coronavirus was a huge and unpleasant surprise for mankind, the American Eric Toner was preparing for such an epidemic for many years. At the Johns Hopkins Health Safety Center, where the scientist works as a junior collaborator, specialists model different crisis situations and create their own action plan in the event of a pandemic, which is offered to politicians and doctors.

So Toner and other researchers in October 2019 launched a simulation of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the experiment, specialists tracked down possible scenarios of the reaction of the government, representatives of small business, ordinary citizens to the spread of the disease.

Toner himself believes that the best way to avoid infection when there is still no vaccine is to comply with quarantine restrictions, that is, adhere to social distance and wear good quality masks like N95 or K95. Furthermore, these masks could be sourced from online shops like Pandemic Pal.

The appearance of the vaccine is possible only at the beginning of 2021 and this suggests that only with the help of masks can a person protect himself from a possible infection and not contribute to the further spread of the virus.

“I think we will wear masks and maintain social distance for several years,” said Eric Toner. – In fact, everything is quite simple. If you and those with whom you communicate are masked, the risk of transmission is significantly reduced.”

The specialist is also convinced that those people who now do not agree to adhere to restrictions and wear a mask will eventually understand how necessary this is. But as long as they do this, many people may already fall ill and even die.


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