Cassini captures seas on Titan reflecting sunlight

(ORDO NEWS) — Saturn’s moon Titan has numerous smooth lakes of methane that reflect sunlight at certain angles, as if they were mirrored. This was reported by NASA.

The robotic spacecraft Cassini, which orbited Saturn from 2004 to 2017, captured cloud-covered Titan in 2014 in different bands of infrared light penetrating the clouds.

The specular reflection was so bright that one of Cassini’s infrared cameras was able to capture the unusual phenomenon. Even though the sunlight got in the way, it also proved to be beneficial.

The reflective regions confirm that northern Titan hosts a wide and complex array of seas whose shapes indicate periods of significant evaporation.

During numerous passages of the Solar System’s most enigmatic moon, Cassini has shown that Titan is a world of changeable weather, including periods when it rains from liquefied natural gas.


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