Ontario – Titan’s giant hydrocarbon lake

(ORDO NEWS) — This right footprint-like formation is the hydrocarbon lake of Ontario, which lies in the southern hemisphere of Titan, Saturn ‘s largest moon.

Ontario is 235 kilometers long and 50 to 100 kilometers wide.

Ontario is the largest “body of water” in the southern hemisphere of Titan, filled with liquid methane, propane and ethane.

Radar measurements taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in June 2009 and January 2010 showed the average depth of the lake to be approximately 3.2 meters.

As far as we know, on Earth, only the freshwater lake Okeechobee (average depth of three meters), located in Florida, USA, has a similar depth.

The surface of Ontario seems very dark, and this is due to its amazingly mysterious smoothness – the maximum height of the waves observed by Cassini during its numerous flybys of Titan is less than three millimeters.

Pay attention to the western part of the lake – a hydrocarbon river flows into it, which in the image looks like a curved thin black line.

The northern and northeastern coastlines of Ontario are flooded river valleys and hills about one kilometer high.


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