Titan’s dense atmosphere scatters sunlight

(ORDO NEWS) — This is a view of the Saturn – facing side of Titan , its largest moon, whose atmosphere is about 50% denser than Earth‘s.

Titans dense atmosphere scatters sunlight 1

If Titan were an airless world, then in the picture we would observe only an illuminated crescent.

But in this case, we see how the dense atmosphere scatters sunlight around all the edges of the satellite, creating a “ring of light”.

Titan is one of the candidate objects for colonization in the outer solar system, which is associated with gigantic reserves of hydrocarbons on its surface (it is possible to produce fuel quickly and in large volumes).

However, it is unlikely that the colonization of the Saturnian moon is possible at our current level of development.

If we ever land on its surface to settle there, then by then, most likely, we will no longer be worried about hydrocarbons.

Titans dense atmosphere scatters sunlight 2

It is worth noting that Titan is seen as a potentially habitable world inhabited by non-oxygenous life. NASA‘s Dragonfly will try to find out , launching in 2027 and arriving on Titan in 2034.

The images attached to this article were taken on April 10, 2009 by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft from a distance of 1.8 million kilometers from Titan.


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