Building found in Nazareth where Jesus Christ could live

(ORDO NEWS) — During archaeological work, British specialist Ken Dark found a house in Nazareth where Jesus Christ could grow. The scientist provided confirmation that the construction was built by the Savior’s father.

Ken Dark of the University of Redding studied the area for 14 years, and he described all his progress in the book “The Convent of the Nazareth Sisters: Roman, Byzantine and Crusader Monuments in Central Nazareth.” The work was published quite recently, it tells in detail about the construction of the first century of our era. The archaeologist is sure that the house was built by the earthly father of Jesus named Joseph.

The dwelling itself was found at the end of the 19th century. The house was looked after by the nuns of the monastery: they believed that this particular place was the home of the Holy Family. At the end of the 19th century, by the way, there were no supporting facts.

Over the centuries, various scientists and even priests have joined the study of the dwelling. For example, Henri Senes of the Pontifical Bible Institute located in Jerusalem compiled in 1936-1964. some drawings of the house, but I did not formalize them into scientific work.

Until 2006, the construction was forgotten. Ken Dark returned to him. With each new study, more and more facts emerge that the house was actually built by Joseph, the father of Jesus. The man was both a carpenter and a craftsman. The dwelling included a courtyard, warehouse, ryazh living quarters and a roof terrace.

When Jesus was crucified, a church was opened in the place of his birth, which is located in a cave. A century later, a second temple appeared, only above the house. The area is truly sacred and important for studying biblical scriptures and religion in general.

The study of the House of Jesus continues. Ken Dark’s goal is to find undeniable evidence that a Savior grew up in him.


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