What the secret meeting between Pompeo, Netanyahu and Saudi prince Bin Salman portends

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister denied information about Pompeo’s unofficial meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the city of Neom on the Red Sea coast. According to the editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm, the attempts of the Saudis to justify themselves look very unconvincing, while the Israelis did not remain silent.

Netanyahu visited Saudi Arabia, where he met with Crown Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman and Mike Pompeo. The Kingdom denies holding the meeting, but looks “unconvincing”. Why did Saudi Arabia voluntarily allow itself to be blackmailed and humiliated? What are the pros and cons?

All state and independent Israeli media confirm the trilateral meeting on the normalization of relations, which was attended by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The meeting took place in the city of Neom on the Red Sea coast last Sunday. Nonetheless, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan denied reports of the meeting on Twitter, but his “timid” attempt to deny everything looks completely unconvincing.

Officially, Netanyahu’s office did not confirm this data, but did not deny it either, saying: “No comment.” But Israel‘s Education Minister and member of the narrow security cabinet, Yoav Galant, told Army Radio: “This is the achievement our ancestors dreamed of. And the main achievement is that Israel was warmly received by the Sunni world. ” He added: “An axis has begun to form, which includes the United States, Israel and everyone who opposes Iranian Shiite extremism.”

Saudi Arabia’s actions are leading to results that will be visible not only now, but also in the long term. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who has pushed the normalization process since his early days in power, supports the “deal of the century” and rapprochement with Israel, and financially supports the Trump administration and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He supports their plans to implement the “deal of the century”, projects to normalize relations, the Judaization of occupied Jerusalem, the annexation of most of the West Bank, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights.

We have never heard of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia condemning the Israeli occupation, settlement and Judaization of Jerusalem, or Israel’s war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But we also saw Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Ibn Salman open its airspace to Israeli aircraft and support agreements to normalize Israel’s relations with the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan. Moreover, she did everything possible to ensure that no one directly or indirectly insulted Israel and its faith.

Perhaps the leadership of Saudi Arabia is betting on the Zionist lobby to help it oppose the new US President Joe Biden. The American leader threatens to stop selling arms to the kingdom over war crimes committed by the Saudi coalition in Yemen, promises to reopen the murder case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and all files related to human rights violations. He seeks to return to the Iranian nuclear deal and, accordingly, lift economic sanctions against Iran. But this still remains only plans. Recall that the Zionist lobby did not prevent the Obama administration from secretly negotiating a nuclear deal and pulling it off behind the backs of American allies – Israel and Saudi Arabia.

All opinion polls on the issue of normalizing relations with the Jewish state confirmed that the overwhelming majority of Saudis oppose the normalization of relations with Israel, like all other Arab and Muslim peoples, especially in Egypt, Jordan, the UAE and Bahrain. If they had not been oppressed and intimidated, they would have marched out.

Natural rapprochement, as the experience of the past has taught us, always happens gradually and through special leaks prepared in Israeli and American “propaganda” kitchens. It is therefore not surprising that Israeli media revealed the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the Mossad foreign intelligence service to Saudi Neom last Sunday, followed by a denial by the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister. He undoubtedly knew about this meeting in advance, otherwise why did the Saudi Arabian government not hold an international press conference to refute these rumors?

Saudi Arabia will lose the most from the normalization of relations with Israel, because it will lose its reputation and leadership in the Muslim world, or what is left of it. She will have to limit her leadership to the Sunni world and work with her enemy against her Shiite brother, who is demonized by those who want to build the supposed Temple of Solomon under the Al-Aqsa mosque.

The ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia, which patronizes the two holy mosques in Mecca and Medina and oversees the seasons of Hajj and Umrah, may face great difficulties. For example, two billion Muslims may rebel in different parts of the world, as they cannot reconcile with the fact that the Guardian of the Two Shrines will be a friend and ally of those who occupy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, kill their brothers in Palestine and incite sectarian strife to divide Islamic world.

Perhaps some of those who support normalization believe that the Arab nation is going through its worst times now, and that this is a reason to abandon moral and religious principles and Arab and Muslim national issues in order to protect Israel.

We tell these people and those who support them that they are caught in the biggest blackmail trap in the world. They do not know the Israelites as the peoples who fought and defeated them in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. They won wars that lasted more than 50 years, in which Israel was defeated. But since 1967, the situation has changed. However, do what you want, but then you will regret it greatly.


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