Nail with which Jesus was nailed to the cross

(ORDO NEWS) — The nail was found in the Milevsko Monastery (Czech Republic) in 2020.

The radiocarbon dating of the wooden reliquary (a container for storing valuable relics of sacred significance) in which the nail was hidden showed the fourth century, and it was decorated with ultramarine blue, a paint more expensive than diamonds.

This nail was found in the Milevsko monastery (Czech Republic) during archaeological research in the spring of 2020.

It was hidden in a secret vault in the wall and was most likely hiding from the Hussite warriors who burned the monastery in 1420. The nail itself is adorned with a 21 carat gold cross.

The first box in which the nail was hidden has been radiocarbon dated to the fourth century. Christianity was legalized in 313 BC by the Edict of Milan, signed by Emperor Constantine I.

More importantly, the reliquary was decorated with ultramarine. A blue dye made from lapis lazuli, which at the time was more expensive than gold or precious stones.

In its natural form, it is found only in modern Afghanistan. The second reliquary was also decorated with a gold plate in the shape of a cross with the inscription IR, which means Iēsus Rēx, Jesus the King.


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