The Curiosity rover finds traces of a giant flood on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — The Curiosity rover has transmitted new images from the surface of Mars, namely from the equatorial Gale crater, where it has been for 8 years. After studying the photo, experts concluded that once upon a time there were definitely huge and powerful streams of water. On Mars there was also a “Flood”.

Scientists from three different universities have discovered traces of an incredibly powerful flood. Those “folds” of gravel, up to 10 meters high, which they found, may well turn out to be antidunes. These are ridges that appear in the bottom of the streams, which have a tremendous flow velocity.

After the distance between the ridges was determined, it was possible to establish that the minimum depth of the streams was 24 meters. The speed of movement of streams reached 10 meters per second.

It is worth noting that experts cannot give an exact answer as to where exactly water and such deep streams appeared on the Red Planet. The main version is that the flood was triggered by an asteroid impact, as a result of which the ice melted. Some scientists speculate that the asteroid may have fallen into the ocean on Mars, which existed about 3-4 billion years ago. Ice could also melt due to volcanic eruptions on the Red Planet. There are a lot of them on Mars.

Where do you make the water after that? In part, it could have evaporated, because Mars does not have such a large mass as to hold it well. The remnants of the same water could turn into a huge amount of ice. Earlier it was found that the middle latitudes are covered with a layer of ice, the thickness of which reaches several hundred meters. The peculiarity of ice is that it is water.


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