Modern technology has revealed the secret of the Egyptian mummy

(ORDO NEWS) — The ancient Egyptians always made mummies of the upper strata of the population to facilitate their journey to the afterlife. After the arrival of the Romans on their land, the inhabitants of Egypt made one detail: they began to paint portraits of the dead on sarcophagi instead of using masks.

Thanks to this, even after two thousand years, it is possible to establish the appearance of a person.

For a long time, scientists could not study one mummy found in the Hawara necropolis in 1910-1911. The portrait depicted a young girl, while the length of the sarcophagus did not exceed 90 cm. X-ray scanning did not give any results.

Scientists from Northwestern University in Chicago decided to find out the truth. Using computed tomography and subsequent diffraction of highly concentrated X-rays, they determined that a five-year-old girl was in fact buried. After receiving this information, even more questions arose than there were initially.

Modern technology has made it possible to find out that not a single tooth has erupted in the deceased. Without damaging the mummy itself, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of death. During the scan, no defects in the bone tissue were noticed.

Experts drew attention to a strange elliptical object, which reaches 7 mm in length. According to study author Stuart Stoke, the item could be a scarab amulet. Earlier, the Egyptians considered these beetles to be sacred.

If in the process of mummification some part of the body was damaged, the priests put a scarab on it so that it would protect a deceased person in another world. The mummy has been regularly studied for thirty years, but to this day it is impossible to answer all the questions of interest. Scientists continue to study the mummified girl.


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