There is an ancient text where Jesus is described as a werewolf

(ORDO NEWS) -- In March 2013, newspaper headlines were full of reports of a newly

Nail with which Jesus was nailed to the cross

(ORDO NEWS) -- The nail was found in the Milevsko Monastery (Czech Republic) in 2020.

Archaeologists have found in England part of the mosaic with the oldest image of Jesus

(ORDO NEWS) -- During excavations commissioned by the British Museum, archaeologists discovered in England the

An image of Jesus appeared on the floor of an upstate New York church

(ORDO NEWS) -- A priest in upstate New York believes his church received a divine

Ex-doctor says he solved the mystery of Jesus’ death

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Rev. Patrick Pullicino, once a consultant neurologist in the UK, carefully

Building found in Nazareth where Jesus Christ could live

(ORDO NEWS) -- During archaeological work, British specialist Ken Dark found a house in Nazareth