British are frightened by incomprehensible ground movements

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents of the village of Lineham in Wiltshire are puzzled by the strange movements of the soil.

On one section of the highway, the asphalt pavement is torn and mangled by “unexplained underground movements.” This happens with very strong earthquakes, but no shocks have been recorded here.

People from all over the area and even from London come to see the cataclysm. Experts talk about “inexplicable processes” that caused the movement of the masses of the earth. Now it will take millions of pounds to repair the highway, which has already become a local landmark.

And in the town of Holmfield in West Yorkshire, the locals have a different problem: they were tortured by a mysterious buzz that arose almost simultaneously with the covid epidemic. The Daily Mail tells the story of Yvonne Conner, who, along with her neighbors, suffers from a low-pitched, pervasive sound that has ruined their lives.

This phenomenon even managed to give a name – Gool Holmfield. For two years there is no rest from him, sometimes Yvonne thinks that her head will explode from this sound.

Some suggested that it was produced by air purification systems at a local factory, others blamed a secret American military program. Naturally, there are suggestions that these are alien signals – how could it be without them?

Even experts in acoustics cannot explain what is happening. Yvonne is a perfectly sensible woman, she does not believe in UFOs or dark energy.

The woman simply asks the authorities to make sure that the long-awaited silence comes. She drafted a petition to the city council, which was signed by 500 people. In general, Yvonne is going to leave her hometown, no matter how hard it was for her to part with him.

The first time the Englishwoman heard the sound around seven in the evening, but at first, Yvonne admits, she rather felt it – it was like a wave of strange energy passing through her, and then there was the sound of a drum roll, which was replaced by a vibrating rumble, similar to the one that emits the motor of a drone flying overhead.

She turned off all the appliances in the apartment and asked her neighbors to do the same, but the hum remained. It was felt by others who lived nearby.

Local nurse Robertson says the sound has been haunting her for six months, and she and his other victims are demanding a public investigation.

Those who have heard it at least once can no longer get rid of it, it literally bites into the brain. But the authorities do not want to seriously deal with this problem.


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