British doctors have warned about an outbreak of “camel flu”

(ORDO NEWS) — People will remember this World Cup for a long time. And it’s not only the incredible results of the matches, but also the camel flu.

British doctors are already warning that tourists who went to Qatar may return back already infected with a dangerous disease.

Fever and breathing problems are symptoms of the MERS virus. But camel flu can be more dangerous than coronavirus . The fact is that this virus is much more deadly than Covid.

Over the past few years, about 1,000 people have died from it. This disease is also called “Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS-CoV”.

The disease can occur without symptoms, often causes complications – pneumonia. Pneumonia is complicated, often at first the doctor cannot make a correct diagnosis.

And then, when it is possible to do it, it is too late. Inflammation damages the lungs so much that treatment does not help and the patient dies.

Doctors say that the symptoms of coronavirus and camel flu are very similar. Only this disease has a much higher mortality rate.

The causative agent of the infection was detected in isolated cases outside the Arabian Peninsula, but now everything may change.

Football fans are warned about the danger, but they don’t want to hear anything. They go to Qatar to support their favorite teams, not to get sick with a dangerous viral disease.

WHO reports that the most cases of infection are registered in Oman, Iran, Yemen, UAE and Qatar. Cases were also registered in European countries, but they were isolated.

Now everything can change, because the huge influx of tourists to Qatar can turn into a dangerous pandemic at any moment.


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