British archaeologists have discovered the most precious medieval necklace

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have found a gold necklace in Britain dating back to 630-670 AD. It is reported by the BBC.

Scientists describe the find as “one for life” in terms of its value. At least 30 pendants and beads made of Roman coins, gold, garnets, glass and semi-precious stones were attached to the necklace.

The object was discovered in a grave believed to belong to a woman of high status, such as royalty. According to scientists, such rich medieval necklaces have not yet been found in Britain.

The find was made by archaeologists from the London Archaeological Museum during excavations before the construction of a residential complex in Harpole, west of Northampton.

“When the first glimpses of gold began to emerge from the soil, we knew it was something important,” said Levente-Bens Balasz, one of the team of scientists. “However, we had no idea how special it would be.

We are fortunate that we can use modern methods of analyzing the finds and the surrounding context to gain a much deeper understanding of the life of this man and the burial rite in which he was buried.

The central element of the necklace is a rectangular piece with a red cross. Presumably, the woman was one of the first representatives of the Christian elite in Britain.


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