BREAKING: Trump assessed risk of 25th amendment suspension

US, NEW YORK (ORDO NEWS) — Donald Trump said he was not worried about the possibility of removal under the 25th amendment to the Constitution on the inability of the president to fulfill his duties.

During a speech in Texas, Trump said that such a scenario represents “zero risk” for him.

In addition, he called the impeachment upcoming in the House of Representatives “the biggest and most vicious fake.”

On Monday, Democrats presented a resolution to Congress calling on Vice President Mike Pence to enact the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which would transfer presidential powers to him. This will be possible if Pence and more than half of the cabinet agree to admit that Trump is unable to fulfill his duties.

If this does not happen, the Democrats threaten the president with impeachment. They have already submitted a relevant article to Congress on “incitement to mutiny.” According to the published text of the resolution, Trump, among other things, wants to be banned from holding any elected office in the future. Voting on the relevant article may take place on Wednesday.

At a January 6 rally in Washington, Trump urged supporters to go to the Capitol to “help weak Republicans” challenge the presidential election. The crowd broke into the building and interrupted the joint session of Congress, where the victory of Democrat Joe Biden was claimed . Five victims are now known. An Air Force veteran woman was shot dead in the Capitol building, and the injured policeman also died. Three more people died from non-violent causes.

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