BREAKING: Hurricane Ida makes landfall in Louisiana

US, NEW YORK (ORDO NEWS) — Hurricane Ida makes landfall in Louisiana with winds stronger than Katrina. Hurricane “Ida” hit the coast of the US state of Louisiana, the city of Port Fourchon, according to the National Center of the United States for tracking hurricanes (NHC).

Earlier on Sunday, the NHC reported that the hurricane looming in the United States has increased to the fourth category out of five, which means the likelihood of “catastrophic damage”.

“Hurricane Ida struck near Port Fourchon, Louisiana, as an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane,” the report said. It is noted that the wind speed reaches 150 miles per hour (about 241.4 kilometers per hour).

Meteorologists explain that Category 4 hurricanes are capable of ripping off roofs and demolishing the outer walls of houses, uprooting trees and knocking down power transmission towers, blocking entrances to settlements. Areas after a disaster of such force may turn out to be uninhabitable for “weeks or months”.

In addition to strong winds, Ida threatens to raise water at the mouth of the Mississippi River by three to four meters.

Earlier, Hurricane Ida passed through the western provinces of Cuba , the country’s authorities assessed the damage from it as insignificant.

Ida is advancing into the South of the United States exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina, which raged in the same area, killing 1,800 people and causing $ 125 billion in damage.

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