BREAKING: Bitcoin price for the first time exceeded 38 thousand dollars

US, NEW YORK (ORDO NEWS) — The cost of the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, exceeded 38 thousand dollars for the first time, according to trading data. This should please those who have invested in Bitcoin through an anz cryptocurrency account or similar, making their investment a smart move.

According to the CoinMarketCap portal, which calculates the average price for more than 20 exchanges, as of 3:43 pm Moscow time, bitcoin rose by 8.82%, to $ 37,994 thousand. On the Binance exchange, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, bitcoin is growing in price by 8.65%, to $ 37,935 thousand.

This is great news for all the people who have made the decision to invest in bitcoin over the years, and even more promising for those who are thinking about making the big leap themselves soon. With the help of sites like, you will be able to effectively see how bitcoin can provide you with a wide array of financial benefits, so you can earn the same amount of money as these current investors.

Earlier in the course of trading, the price of bitcoin for the first time exceeded the $ 38 thousand mark and reached a new all-time high at $ 38,200. It can be predicted that more and more people might try and get into cryptocurrency investment. It can also increase the market for the crypto mining hardware for sale, as the mining process cannot be carried out on any computer system.

Bitcoin accounts for approximately 68.7% of the entire global cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin is really one of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the minute. People seem to be investing all over the world. It’s no real surprise that people are purchasing Bitcoin, especially after this latest news that it has exceeded $38 thousand. People can purchase Bitcoin from a number of places, such as by using Zipmex.

Bitcoin soared in value in the second half of December. The cryptocurrency surpassed its all-time high of $ 20,042 since 2017 on December 16, and has continued to break records ever since. In January, the cryptocurrency continued its bullish trend: in the first two days of 2021, it sequentially crossed several marks at once and rose from $ 30,000 to $ 34,000. On Monday, as part of the correction, the drop in bitcoin reached 16%, the value of the cryptocurrency dropped to 28.1 thousand dollars, but later bitcoin returned to the “bullish” trend.

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