Bill Gates warns humanity about the threat of bioterrorists

(ORDO NEWS) – Billionaire and philanthropist, Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke about the threats that could be more dangerous than the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Bill Gates, artificially induced epidemics can surpass natural ones in mortality. Gates concludes that money should be invested in medicine, virology and microbiology to prepare for possible threats.

‚ÄúThere are natural epidemics and epidemics caused by bioterrorism that can be even worse than what we are experiencing today. And yet advances in medical science should give us tools that you know we could develop and make much better. So <…> it will be a priority, “The Guardian quotes Gates as saying.
He has previously voiced warnings about impending biological attacks that could kill millions of people.

“… well, what if a bioterrorist brings smallpox to 10 airports? Do you know how the world will react to that?” – wondered Gates.


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