In an Egyptian city, people suffered from the invasion of scorpions

(ORDO NEWS) – In the city of Aswan, which is located in the southern part of Egypt, there was an invasion of scorpions. As a result, a lot of people were injured and three deaths were recorded. The animals found themselves on the street as a result of a strong storm and they quickly spread to the homes of local residents.

It is reported by the BBC.

An unpleasant incident happened on November 12th. Almost 450 people suffered from numerous scorpion bites. It is worth noting that a couple of days ago, an incredibly strong thunderstorm occurred in the Nile River area, which was accompanied by hail. Because of the rain, the scorpions were washed right into the city streets. This happens quite often in the city and snakes can sometimes join the scorpions.

Medical centers located near the mountains and deserts provided the required amount of antidotes to the victims. At the same time, doctors began to complain that before that they were actively vaccinating local residents, and now they must also treat the bites of dangerous animals.

The authorities, in turn, ask people not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary and not to visit places where there are many trees.

The US Academic Medical Center has provided evidence that scorpion bites can be fatal only in isolated cases. In this case, very young children or people of age may face serious complications.

To date, only 30 out of 1500 scorpion species are known, the poison of which is very toxic and can kill a person. Due to the bite, as a rule, symptoms such as muscle twitching, involuntary and strange movements of the head appear, and it becomes difficult to breathe. Antivenom is applied before symptoms appear as a preventive measure.

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