Bill Gates found a way to save the planet from climate change

(ORDO NEWS) — Microsoft founder Bill Gates found a way to save the planet from climate disaster by changing the way we do business. The entrepreneur emphasized the need for a clean industrial revolution. Gates wrote about this in an article for Wired magazine.

To achieve zero emissions by 2050, Gates called for new ways to grow food and create clothing, as well as generate electricity and heat and cool buildings without emitting greenhouse gases. According to the entrepreneur, humanity is capable of achieving such a goal.

Gates said there will be several events in 2022 that will accelerate the transition to cleaner production. First, tackling climate change will become a priority over previous years.

“Since the 2008 recession, polls have shown that climate change has dropped significantly on the list of voter priorities around the world. However, in the conditions of the current crisis, climate change does not fade into the background, ”said the entrepreneur.

According to Gates, in 2022, the leaders of the countries will present concrete plans to tackle the problem of climate change and cannot do with only promises. Investors will also invest more in the transition to sustainable energy sources, and countries will need to buy sustainable goods and building materials.

In October 2021, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a partnership with Bill Gates on a £ 400 million project. The deal should accelerate the development of green energy in the country and help achieve the goals of zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.


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