What predictions did Nostradamus leave for 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — The French astrologer, alchemist and physician of the 16th century, Nostradamus left behind over 6 thousand predictions that continue to come true. Interpreters of the seer’s books associate some of his prophecies with 2022.

Hunger due to inflation

Nostradamus warned of mass famine, which would lead to exacerbation of conflicts. Countries will begin to vigorously fight for natural resources, so instability in society will increase. Modern experts suggest that the astrologer was referring to the inflationary boom that threatens to occur next year.

War in Europe

Due to rising prices, some will be forced to go to war, Nostradamus predicted. According to the prophecy, hostilities will take place in Europe, France is at risk of being under siege. However, it is possible that we are talking about the riots that have already arisen in the cities against the background of disagreement with the antique restrictions.

Building powerful artificial intelligence

Nostradamus foresaw the rapid development of technology. His prophecies are interpreted as a hint of the development of AI that can replace people on Earth. World companies have previously announced that they are planning to launch humanoid robots that will replace people in hazardous industries.


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