Life may exist on the most ancient planets in the galaxy, astronomers say

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- New research in astrobiology confirms that the oldest planets

Entire planets made of dark matter could exist. Here’s how we can find them

(ORDO NEWS) -- We may not have found many planetary systems like our solar system.

Some planets may be made of dark matter, astrophysicists say

(ORDO NEWS) -- Perhaps astronomers have discovered not many planetary systems like our solar system.

2 new giant gas planets discovered

(ORDO NEWS) -- Astronomers have reported the discovery of two new gas giants, TOI-3984A b

Stars can swallow and eject planets

(ORDO NEWS) -- As unfortunate as it may be, the absorption of a planetary object

12 years in 4 seconds: Planets dance around distant star ‘caught on video’

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2008, HR8799 became the first planetary system after the Sun that

Astronomers have suggested that planets with two suns may be habitable

(ORDO NEWS) -- Astrophysicists from the College of New Jersey, using computer simulations, have concluded

Astronomers use ‘little hurricanes’ to weigh and date planets

(ORDO NEWS) -- The small "hurricanes" that form in the disks of gas and dust

Astronomers showed a star in which planets began to “be born”

(ORDO NEWS) -- At a distance of 470 light-years from Earth is a young star