Bill Gates and Pfizer CEO will not be vaccinated against coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Bill Gates, along with Pfizer CEO Albert Burla, said they would not be vaccinating against the coronavirus. It was this news that appeared a few days ago in some of the world’s media.

Burla refused to make a COVID-19 vaccine that his own company developed. The news spread with incredible speed and many believed it, although most of the world leaders had already managed to get themselves a vaccine. US President Biden even filmed it to show everyone that there is nothing wrong with vaccination. But this has failed to convince some opponents of the vaccine, who consider it incredibly dangerous.

As it turned out, in fact, the common news is just an ordinary fake. For example, Bill Gates’ representatives announced some time ago that he and his family are going to get vaccinated as soon as their turn comes. In addition, Gates said in an interview with Savannah Guthrie that he does not refuse the vaccine. Also, the news was denied by many authoritative resources.

Do not forget that the billionaire himself and his entire family are regularly vaccinated to protect themselves from many dangerous diseases. Burla, in turn, is also going to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to him, this will happen in the near future.


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