For some reason no silvery clouds appeared over Antarctica in December

(ORDO NEWS) — By the end of 2020, noctilucent clouds had appeared over Antarctica. This phenomenon can be called extremely strange, because experts were expecting their appearance in mid-December.

Tony Phillips, who works for the SpaceWeather agency, said that there are no mesospheric clouds over Antarctica. As a rule, the first such clouds should appear around the end of November.

Cora Randall says that experts continue to expect them to appear over the South Pole.

She also added that the stratospheric polar vortex should have disappeared by this time, but it is still observed over Antarctica.

Because of this, water vapor cannot penetrate into the upper atmosphere. Accordingly, noctilucent clouds will not form without sufficient liquid.

Other anomalies include the fact that the ozone hole is too large for this time of year. In this case, the zonal winds blow in a completely different direction. Other experts added that the state of the stratosphere is now more “winter” indicators than it really should be.


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