CCTV camera captured the ghost of a dead dog: VIDEO

(ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, a video was leaked on the network, in which you can see a strange object resembling a small cloud. It appeared exactly on the day when the woman lost her beloved dog.

On October 7, a security camera recorded the appearance of a mysterious cloud figure that moved around the living room.

The object rushed into the sky with incredible speed and disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. Carol Libutti believes this ghost may be the spirit of her beloved English Bulldog Pookie.

It is worth noting that the footage was taken exactly when the vet put the dog to sleep.

Puka suffered from many diseases and was already quite old. He was almost 13 years old and, according to his mistress, he helped her cope with many problems in life. She also believes the dog helped her defeat breast cancer.

A video surveillance camera installed in the living room reacts only when it detects activity. The woman, returning home, was very surprised by what she saw. She believes that her four-legged pet came to say goodbye to her and then went to a better world.


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