Australian scientists discover new coral reef 500 meters high

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian scientists have discovered a massive new coral reef taller than many of the world’s tallest buildings, the Schmidt Ocean Institute said.

The new reef, 500 meters high, was discovered for the first time in 120 years on the Great Barrier Reef ridge on October 20, when scientists mapped the reef. After that, on October 25, scientists submerged an underwater robot SuBastian to the reef, the discovery was broadcast live on the institute’s website.

The new detached reef is only the eighth detached reef in the area. Its base is 1.5 kilometers wide, and its height is only 40 meters away from the ocean surface.

“The unexpected discovery confirms that we continue to find unknown structures and new components in our ocean,” – quoted on the website of the Institute, the words of its founder Wendy Schmidt.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest accumulation of coral, stretching for 2.3 thousand kilometers along the northeastern coast of Australia. It consists of nearly three thousand reefs, which together make up about 10% of the area of ​​all coral reefs in the world.


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