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Astrophysicists, after a long-term experiment, confirmed Einstein’s correctness

Astrophysicists after a long term experiment confirmed Einsteins correctness

(ORDO NEWS) — British researchers representing the University of East Anglia and the University of Manchester summed up the results of the experiment, which was carried out over 16 years. Long-term observations of the binary pulsar system, discovered in 2003, showed that the creator of the general theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, was right.

As noted by Robert Ferdman of the University of East Anglia, Einstein’s theory of relativity needs “strength tests”, since even the slightest deviation in it could open a “window” for scientists to the so-called new physics, which is believed to put an end to the inconsistencies between the theory and the results of some experiments and observations. Researchers want to create a unified theory of the fundamental forces of nature, and to do this, you need to find a gap in Einstein’s theory.

Having discovered an interesting binary pulsar system in 2003, scientists realized that such a system was very successful for testing the theory of relativity. A project was launched in which the system was observed using seven sensitive radio telescopes located in different parts of the planet.

Scientists have observed how light is delayed due to the significant curvature of space-time tissue created by pulsars. The results of super-accurate observations completely coincided with the theoretical calculations that were made on the basis of the theory of relativity.


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