Top secret document “Relations with the inhabitants of celestial bodies” written by Einstein and Oppenheimer in June

(ORDO NEWS) —  Scientists as early as 1947 foresaw the danger of colonization of the planet Earth by extraterrestrial races and warned the armed forces against the potential threat of an accidental nuclear war.

In June 1947, Albert Einstein, the creator of the theory of relativity, and Robert Oppenheimer, head of the Manhattan Project for the creation of the atomic bomb, together wrote a top-secret six-page document called “Relations with the inhabitants of celestial bodies.”

It said that, in fact, the military acknowledged the presence of unidentified spacecraft. Scientists have already wondered where they come from, why they are here and what should we do in case of colonization?

The document considers the presence of interstellar ships in our atmosphere as a result of military experiments with nuclear and other weapons. Einstein and Oppenheimer considered our future security in relation to our past and future activities in space. How can we avoid a sad fate?

Relations with extraterrestrial inhabitants do not represent a fundamentally new problem from the point of view of international law. But as a result of relations with intelligent beings that do not belong to the human race, problems can arise, the solution of which is difficult to imagine.

There is a need to create International Space Law. In principle, there is no difficulty in coming to an understanding with them and establishing all kinds of relationships.

If these intelligent beings are more or less cultural, have a political organization, they can have every right to be recognized as independent and sovereign peoples.

Another thing is if homosapiens (a reasonable person) will claim life on other celestial bodies of the solar system. Living conditions on the Moon or Mars should ensure the stability of life from an economic point of view.

Hypothetically, other planets may have various forms of life. Water was found on the Moon and Mars, which, under the action of an electric current or short-wave radiation from the Sun, can be divided into hydrogen and oxygen.

Oxygen can be used for breathing and hydrogen as fuel. But, if there is an interest in the planet Earth, perhaps the inhabitants of celestial bodies have a desire to settle here.

What conclusions can be drawn?

If alien races are politically organized and have a culture similar to ours, they can be recognized as independent peoples.

If they consider our culture to be devoid of political unity, they will have the right to colonize. The highest form of colonization imaginable could be carried out under their leadership with the tacit approval of the United Nations.

We cannot rule out the possibility that extraterrestrial inhabitants, more advanced technologically and economically, will take over the right to occupy another celestial body.

There is no law dividing celestial bodies into zones, distributing celestial countries. What about from a moral point of view?

The most acceptable solution is to adopt an agreement that provides guarantees that our culture will remain unchanged.

The issue could be resolved by creating an international treaty on the internationalization of the inhabitants of celestial bodies or International Space Law.


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