NASA probe flew through the upper atmosphere of the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — The Parker interplanetary probe of the Sun was the first spacecraft in history to “touch” the sun. This was stated by representatives of NASA.

“The NASA Parker Solar probe flew through the upper atmosphere of the Sun – its corona, collected data on particles of solar energy and its magnetic fields,” – explained the agency representatives.

In the future, Parker will repeat such maneuvers to collect new data.

It is believed that the station will orbit the star and approach the surface at a distance of about 3.83 million miles. The next flight is expected in January 2022. The data is expected to help meteorologists more accurately predict changes in space weather that could affect life on Earth.

The duration of the mission will be about 7 years, and the device itself will fly near the Sun 24 times. Parker is equipped with equipment to study magnetic fields, plasma and solar energy particles. From high temperatures up to 1370 degrees, it is protected by a carbon fiber heat shield.


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