11-year-old overtook Hawking and Einstein in terms of intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) — A teenager from Leeds, UK, scored the highest score for people under the age of 18 on the Mens IQ test and overtook Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein in terms of intelligence. It is reported by Metro.

Friends of 11-year-old Yusuf Shah always told him that he was very smart, and one day the teenager decided to check if this was true.

To evaluate his intellectual abilities, Shah took the Mens IQ test and received a record mark. His result was one point higher than that of the theoretical physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

The teenager celebrated his achievement in a restaurant with his parents and brothers. According to Shah’s mother, she is very proud of her son’s achievements, but jokingly remarks that his father is smarter anyway.

“We are glad, but we treat what happened lightly. I always tell my son: “Even if you are talented, you still have to be the most hardworking,” she said.

“We did not particularly prepare our son for the test. It is difficult to prepare for this test, so we behaved as usual, ”said Shah’s father.

The teenager’s eight-year-old brother said he also hopes to take the test when he grows up.

In the future, Shah dreams of studying mathematics at Oxford or Cambridge. To do this, he gives a regular load to the brain: he solves problems, solves Sudoku and collects the Rubik’s cube.


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