Mysterious artifact from Romania

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1974, on the banks of the Mures River in the town of Ayud, Romania, a team of workers stumbled upon an object that looked like an anomaly in time and place.

Nowhere is it indicated that the workers dug there, however, they dug a hole about 10 meters deep (in some sources you can find information about a 32-meter depth, but it is unlikely that the workers would dig such a large hole on the sandy shore) and found two large bones that belonged to mastodons.

This alone made it clear how ancient that layer was, to which the workers got to the bottom, because the last mastodons in Romania died out about 10 thousand years ago.

However, it was not the bones that surprised the workers, but the third object found in the same layer – it was a small and clearly man-made piece of metal.

It looked like it was part of some kind of complex modern mechanism, it had holes for attaching this object to something, and it had a wedge-shaped shape.

The analysis showed that the artifact is a complex alloy of 12 different elements, the main of which is aluminum – 89% of the total composition. The remaining 11% are copper, silicon, zinc, lead, tin, zirconium, cadmium, nickel, cobalt, bismuth, silver.

It is curious that for the first time aluminum was isolated only in 1825, it was done by the Danish physicist Hans Oersted. And the mass production of aluminum began only in 1885.

Mysterious artifact from Romania 3

There have been many versions of what this strange artifact could be. The alternatives believed that this is a lost part of an alien ship that remained in the earth since the time when aliens flew to our planet in the prehistoric era.

More skeptical debaters stated that in fact this wedge was just a part of an excavator bucket, which fell into the ground a maximum of a couple of decades before it was found and was simply highly oxidized due to being at great depths.

However, for an ordinary “excavator part” there is a lot of mystery associated with this object. First of all, now no

Mysterious artifact from Romania 2

one knows where it is, because until 1995 it was kept in a museum in Romania, and then suddenly disappeared.

Plus, if it were part of an excavator bucket, workers would no doubt quickly identify it.


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