Are UFOs and aliens time travelers

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the controversies that has arisen around the UFO phenomenon is what a UFO is.

For some, these are experimental aircraft being tested by the government. For others, these are spaceships of aliens from outer space, who arrived here with their mysterious missions.

Another idea is that they are interdimensional objects moving across a bridge between realities from some parallel dimension.

However, these are not all theories, and more and more attention is being paid to the fact that aliens may be people from the future.

One of the ideas put forward regarding the origin of UFOs and encounters with aliens is that they are not aliens from another planet or dimension at all, but ourselves.

This idea basically comes down to the fact that these creatures are people from the future.

One of the main proponents of this theory in recent years is Michael Masters, professor of biological anthropology at the Montana Institute of Technology, who has been fascinated with UFOs since his father encountered them when he was a child.

Throughout his career as an anthropologist, he has pursued real scientific research into the UFO phenomenon, culminating in his book Identified Flying Objects: An Interdisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon.

One area that Masters found particularly exciting was the idea that “aliens” could actually be people from the distant future. And he uses his knowledge of human evolution to support this claim.

Many reports of aliens feature “grays”, perhaps the most common type of being. These creatures are usually described as thin, bipedal, hairless, with an enlarged skull, small mouths and jaws, tiny noses, and very large eyes.

Are UFOs and aliens time travelers 2

Everything is very similar to humans, considering that if they came from another planet, it seems unlikely that they would be like us.

On the contrary, Masters and other supporters of his theory believe that such an appearance is more in line with the trends and patterns of human evolution throughout our history on this planet.

Indeed, if we look at the proposed path of human evolution in the future, we can assume that we will have hairlessness, larger heads to increase brain volume, smaller mouth openings and many other features of these so-called aliens.

In fact, if you look at these predicted changes and quickly imagine a modern human to simulate these changes, at some point you will find a creature very similar to the “Greys” seen in UFOs.

This seems quite logical. After all, it seems more likely that we are evolving to become like them than that a completely alien species from another world is evolving to become like us.

At the same time that we evolve into this form, our technology will also take a leap, perhaps at some point the ability to travel through time will appear, and with these fantastic machines and alien appearance, it will be quite natural for a person to come to the conclusion that he sees aliens, not time travelers.

It all looks like something straight out of science fiction, but, again, so does the idea that aliens are visiting Earth from space, many light-years away and in a sea of ​​stars.

According to Master, the idea of ​​a time traveler is actually a more rational explanation for UFOs, a simpler possibility than the assumption that space civilizations exist and visit us:

“If we continue to evolve as we have evolved over the six to seven million years since we first walked upright, our neurocranium the top of the skull and brain will continue to grow in size and become more and more rounded.

If this trend continues in the future, we are likely to look very similar to what is commonly described in UFO reports.”

The book links known aspects of our evolutionary history to what is still the unverified, unconfirmed fact of the existence of UFOs and aliens.

“We know we’re here. We know humans exist. We know we’ve had a long evolutionary history on this planet. And we know our technology will be better in the future.”

“I think the simplest explanation is us. I’m just trying to offer what is probably the simplest explanation. I think the simplest explanation, in general, is what we are,” Master says.

Well, if for a moment we assume that the aliens are us from the future, and the UFO is their ship, then why would they even arrive at this time? The answer to this question can be anything.

Perhaps they are only here to study us or explore times in their history. Perhaps they are here as tourists, just watching the past.

Maybe in the future there will be disputes in the data about the history of the world, and the authorities will fly on UFOs to study history live.

Masters said of his own thoughts on the matter:

“The purported evidence of the abductions is mostly scientific. Possibly future anthropologists, historians, linguists coming back to get information in a way that is currently not possible without access to this technology.”

Maybe it’s my bias as a paleoanthropologist, but I think they’re studying their own past. “Maybe there’s a tourism component, too, where people pay to come back and relive monumental moments in human history.”

“Undoubtedly, in the future there will be those who will pay big money for the opportunity to return and see their favorite period of history.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions are the pyramids of Giza and Machu Picchu in Peru… old and prehistoric places.”

Are UFOs and aliens time travelers 3

Masters even went too far and suggested that the fact that they are time travelers and not space aliens may explain why they mostly stay away and don’t announce their presence.

In the end, this can lead to disruption of the timeline and complicate the situation. He explained it this way:

“If they’ve made such a journey through space, why don’t they introduce themselves after such a long journey? Over time, it makes more sense, as the complication comes from interfering with the past.”

“It doesn’t change the past, but you become part of the past. There’s nothing that forbids interaction, so it’s not the same as if we made contact with our future selves and exploded. It just complicates things.”

“Definitely, there are still missing pieces of the puzzle. There are aspects of time that we don’t yet understand.

A theory of quantum gravity is needed, and we can combine general relativity and quantum mechanics.

I’m just trying to present a better model based on current scientific knowledge. Hopefully with In time, we can continue to develop it.”

It could also explain why we haven’t made radio contact with these aliens in the gaping abyss of space, because they are just us, sliding through time. It’s a pretty wild theory, but in many ways no more bizarre than any other idea of ​​what aliens and UFOs might be.

This, of course, leaves an interesting imprint on what is happening, if you imagine that at least some of these creatures may not be aliens from space beyond the stars or through the veil between dimensions, but us.

Is there something in this, or are we just grasping at straws? In the absence of any concrete answers regarding the UFO phenomenon, at least there is a possibility worth considering, and in time we may know for sure.


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