Strange people of the Piraha

(ORDO NEWS) — Piraha are an indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. They are predominantly hunter-gatherers.

Pirahas don’t seem to need numbers, as they don’t understand the concept of number at all. They also don’t use words like “all”, “each” and “more” because they don’t exist in their language.

– There are no unique words for color in their language.

– They don’t have popular myths or beliefs about the creation of the world.

“They just believe in living in the present and focusing on the now.”

Baby talk doesn’t exist. Children are spoken to as if they were adults. Babies are treated like adults.

Piraha women do not know how many children they have given birth to. This is because they don’t need numbers to recognize their children. For them, only face recognition is important. They are also guided by feelings towards their children.


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