Archaeologists have found traces of advanced technologies of the ancient Maya

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists working at Brown University have discovered traces of advanced technology from the ancient Maya. Prior to AD 900, they said, there were entire kingdoms that practiced sustainable farming practices. As a result, they had food security.

In Mexico, archaeologists, as part of a new stage of scientific work, carried out laser scanning over an area of ​​331 square kilometers. The specialists were helped in this by a high-resolution avialidar. In this territory, as many as three Mayan kingdoms once existed. Traces of ancient settlements were shown by digital models of local relief.

Some kingdoms were characterized by too low population densities. Scientists have established that they existed between 350 and 900 AD. At the same time, they had sufficiently developed agricultural technologies. In particular, not only basic living needs were satisfied, but also food surpluses were recorded. This indicates that the indigenous Mesoamericans had strategic thinking.

Most of the Mayan tribes were engaged in the cultivation of corn. They also managed to build dams, terraces, fields with canals.


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